Mihkel Uba Photography
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Mihkel Uba?

I've been playing with different cameras since childhood. Since 2001 I've been seeking and exploring for exciting results - helping me with this are of course my everyday equipment (Canon EOS 7D) but also cameras from the first half of 20th century (Kodak Retina II, etc). Thanks to long time experimenting and compositing I've certainly developed an unique and recognizable style, that is positively surprising for new audience and keeps my supporters and fans in a pleasant anticipation for new photos.

What's it all about?

From dreams to photos with a real rock'n'roll vibe - I like to go beyond reason or logic to get the result I see in my mind. A tiny little extra can sometimes make a huge difference. That is why I like to experiment with everything - starting with the lights or lack of lights and ending with tiny post-processing tweaks - like a painter throwing lines onto the canvas, for a bystander it seems random, but for the artist it's often calculated and meaningful.

This website contains a selection of my best works - beautiful girls, stong looks and loud music, with his two biggest series brought out separately - Ghostwalker and LeGäng series.

Thanks for stopping by!
Mihkel U.